How far will you travel?

Typically, we travel up to 50 miles from Macomb, Illinois.  Additional travel fees could be added to the quote, but all of this information will be given upfront.

Our service area includes:  Macomb, Good Hope, Roseville, Sciota, Blandinsville, Industry, Colchester, Tennessee, Bushnell, Adair, Monmouth, LaHarpe, Carthage, Rushville, Augusta, Etc.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss possibly serving your area.

What do you do with the junk you collect?

When we collect junk from a customer, we sort and separate to prevent items from being dumped at the landfill when possible.  First, we decide if anything is in usable condition to be donated or sold.  Second, we separate all of the items we can recycle, such as TVs, paint, some electronics, steel, aluminum, tires and some batteries.  Third, we will responsibly dispose of everything that is remaining.

Do you have the equipment to help us move?

Yes!  When you hire us to help you move, we always come prepared.  Aside from our professional experience, we bring dollies, moving blankets, a floor dolly, straps and tools for assembly / disassembly.