Junk 2018: Stuff People Actually Throw Away!

Junk 2018:  Stuff People Actually Throw Away!

In the junk removal business, we come across some of the dirtiest, coolest and weirdest stuff!  Looking back on 2018, it didn’t let us down.

Here are a few things we hauled away this year:

  1. Brand New Furniture:  You wouldn’t believe the furniture we have hauled away that was literally brand new.  This is everything from recliners to beds to dining tables.  It’s hard to believe people would want to get of these things!

    Junk Removal
    Junk Removal
  2. Snakes:  Okay, so this one wasn’t intentional, but it happened.  During a large house clean out project, somehow we loaded a four foot long snake into the trailer with us.  We were unaware until we almost stepped on it!

    Junk Removal Snake
    Junk Removal Snake
  3. Dead Rats:  When property sits vacant, it is inviting to all kinds of critters.  During one of our estate clean outs, we uncovered some of the worst piles of dead rats and mice.  The best way to handle this is to hold your breath and clear them out quickly!  Nobody said this work would be easy.
  4. Feces:  As you can imagine, this kind of goes along with number 3.  The properties we clean up often become homes to squatters.  As a squatter, they defacate anywhere they please.
  5. Lawn Equipment and Tools:  This stuff is my favorite!  A lot of the garages and sheds we clean out to demo are full of junk.  Some of this junk happens to be tools and other miscellaneous equipment.  When it comes to tools, I have a large collection that we have hauled away for our customers.  Examples of some items are a riding lawn tractor, push mowers, grinders, drills, dollies, tool boxes, wrenches, shovels, hammers, flashlights, weedeaters, etc.  It’s hard to call these items junk, but as the ol’ cliche saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!
Lawn Care Services
Lawn Care Services

Our disposal processes are top-notch to prevent as much waste as possible from ending up in our landfills.  We donate, keep, sell and recycle what we can before the remainder of the load is thrown away at the landfill.

As we roll into 2019, I’m sure we’ll come across some more cool, weird and dirty junk, but we wouldn’t change a thing!

If you would like to discuss our estate clean outs, hoarder house clean outs, garage, shed, attic or other junk removal services, feel free to call or text (309) 255-8402.

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