Lawn Mower Maintenance: What you need to know!

Mowing and maintaining your lawn is a pretty cut and dry task. Maintaining the equipment that cuts your grass isn’t so straightforward though.
Lawn mower maintenance will keep your equipment running smoothly and extend its useful life.
There are several different types of mowers, this focuses on the most common gas motors.
Our guide will help you build your maintenance checklist so your lawn mower will run at peak performance.

Keep It Clean

An important part of lawn mower maintenance is keeping your equipment clean. When you mow your lawn, grass and debris sticks to your equipment. The deck should be cleaned after each cut. This prevents wear due to build up.

Change the Oil

As with any motor, lawn mowers require oil. Oil cycles through the motor to keep moving parts lubricated. As this oil cycles, it wears down and gets dirty. Lawn mowers need their oil changed every 50 hours at a minimum. Don’t forget about replacing the oil filter. As dirty oil cycles through the filter, it builds up gunk too.

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter clears the air that gets pulled into the motor. When you’re mowing your grass, a lot of debris gets tossed into the air. So, these filters get dirty quickly. Take them out and replace them or blow them off using an air compressor attachment.

Replace the Spark Plug

Gas motors require a spark from the spark plug to start the mower. This component of the mower will need replaced about once per year.

Sharpen Your Blades

If the tip of your grass looks like your mower is ripping or tearing it rather than cutting it, then it’s time to sharpen your blades or replace them with new ones. How often you should sharpen or replace your lawn mower blades is dependent upon its use. As you regularly mow your lawn, take 20 seconds to check a couple blades of grass for tearing. If the blades look torn or shredded, then it’s time to take off the blades. To sharpen, all you need is a vice and a grinder. Using the grinder, you can put a sharp edge back on the blade.

Grease the Moving Parts

Many mowers have several moving parts that require grease. These spots have grease zerks. Grease zerks are used by grease guns to fill the reservoir with grease.
To keep up with your lawn mower maintenance, use a checklist. Keep a checklist for each piece of equipment to prevent skipping your lawn mower maintenance routine. If you keep up with your mower’s maintenance, you should have a strong running machine for years to come.

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